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“councilmember” to be a better, caring and helpful neighbor, with responsive and quick city services.

  • As our district’s councilmember, I will focus on getting the small things done right and on time. Whether that is removing bulky trash off our streets or making sure trees are trimmed. We need to take care of common problems that our neighbors want to see fixed right away. 


the trust of our community through transparency, accountability, and accessibility.

  • Weekly scheduled virtual town hall

    • Many of our neighbors feel like they are not able to be heard. With a regularly scheduled virtual town hall - the people of CD6 can voice their opinions or questions directly at me and receive a response. We will take note and get to working on addressing the concern.

  • Regular Surveys on CD6 and City issues

    • A great way we can receive crucial feedback on local issues while engaging our community is to create and distribute e-surveys in a way that is fun, easily accessible, and helpful to improving our district.

  • In-person townhalls and workshops



the health and safety of our community by championing common sense policies that work for everyday people.

My goal is to make LA 25x25 a reality with the guidance of local community mobility justice groups and CD 6 residents.
  • More public wifi and technology - Expand access to free public wifi to all in-district LA City-owned spaces such as parks and recreation centers. Additionally, funding newer technologies in our local libraries would help some of our neighbors tremendously.  This would help stop the education and income gap between those who have high-speed internet at home and those who don’t.

  • Bus lanes. Bus shelters. More buses. - Facilitating and supporting community input with LADOT and Metro LA. Working with the Board of Public Works to create infrastructure for streets that support increasing the number of busses and bus stops in the district.

  • Make it safe to walk  - Create a field outreach team whose priority is to respond to sidewalk repair requests and ensure that our City's Street Service team gets to these requests in a timely manner.  

  • More bike lanes - Our district is very flat and in many ways would be a great place to ride or commute by bicycle. As our district’s Councilmember, I will work to make more and safer bike lanes which will also alleviate vehicle traffic and allow cyclists to get to their destination in a safe and healthy way. 


As a son of immigrants and a neighbor in CD6, I understand the importance and value immigrants bring to our district and country. We will fight for the safety of all immigrants and will work to make the immigration process easier and more accessible.

  • Stop data-sharing between the City and ICE - Work towards an ordinance that bans ALL current and future LA City vendors from using any data they retrieve from the City when working with ICE, DHS, or other law enforcement entities.

  • Expand voting rights to noncitizens - for permanent legal residents and those w/ work authorizations.

  • Create a private and safe in-language hotline for people who see ICE or have an interaction with ICE in the neighborhoods 

  • Push for grants for local community organizations and lawyers to host free Know-Your-Rights legal workshops 

  • Provide translators for AT LEAST the three most spoken languages in our Council District at all public hearings.

  • Support the creation of a City Department for Immigrants and Language Justice with adequate funding.


Oftentimes the valley is the dumping ground for the rest of LA. Our community and people are seen as expendable, we have 11 oil wells, an airport, a landfill, we’re in the high population burden according to The California Healthy Places Index (HPI) Clean Environment Score at the 21st percentile.


  • Hold the corporations that dump pollution into our communities accountable.

  • Fight for community-owned solar projects.

  • Pushing oil drilling out of CD-6.

  • Fight for stricter regulations on Van Nuys Airport.

  • Grow our community's access to green spaces, parks, trees, and community gardens.

  • Ensure that everyone in our community has access to safe water, healthy food, and clean air.

  • Retrofit older buildings in CD-6 to decrease emissions and become climate resilient.


We know our district and city has been going through a housing crisis and we have seen the rise in people experiencing homelessness. The homeless sweeps and renter evictions have not been solving the problem but rather has been making it worse. We need to start putting new solutions that lead with compassion, not just sweep people “out of sight and out of mind”.

  • Push to repeal 41.18 and vote against any expansions and pushing to revise its replacement in City Council.

    • LA’s City Council dramatically expanded LAMC 41.18 in July 2021 and August 2022, even in the face of strong opposition from advocates, experts, and service providers. 

  • Pro-actively apply for available state and federal homelessness funding. 

    • In this year’s budget, Newsom created $50M for an Encampment Resolution Fund. Only one council office (CD4) has applied for funding. Additionally, in the proposed California 22-23 budget, there is $500M for Encampment Resolution Grants for local jurisdictions, these funding opportunities are critical to translating progressive rhetoric into actual capacity and housing.

  • Support tenant rights and rent control expansions.

  • Endorse the Services Not Sweeps platform 

  • Ensure all street and sidewalk cleaning is scheduled, regular, and well publicized.

We keep us safe: Let’s make sure all our neighbors in our district feel safe. Whether it is due to race, sexual orientation, gender identification, or age, all of our neighbors should feel safe in our district. 

  • Redirecting funding from law enforcement to community-led and centered services such as mutual aid groups, non-profit-led affordable housing with services, safe-walk groups, and more

  • Tap into federal funding for non-law enforcement programs such as violence interrupters

  • Work with community organizations and members to build non-law enforcement public safety systems  that are well-funded and invested in by the City

  • Supporting existing community organizations doing non-law enforcement public safety work with grants and the ability to provide language justice in their services

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